2016 Beer List

Atlanta and Georgia Breweries
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Blue Tarp Hopsided Double IPA 6.6%
Blue Tarp Bantam Weight Session Ale 4.2%
Blue Tarp Tropic Thunder Session IPA 3.7%
Cherry Street Dirty Frenchman Belgian Style Saison 6.2%
Cherry Street Dylan Dubble Trappist Ale 7.0%
Cherry Street Hoppy Balboa Double IPA 6.8%
Eagle Creek Low Country Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.4%
Eagle Creek Grass Roots Lemon Lime Hefe 6.0%
Eagle Creek Puffs Magic Irish Stout 4.2%
Jailhouse Slammer Wheat American Wheat Beer 5.0%
Jailhouse Mugshot IPA IPA 6.7%
Jailhouse Misdeameaner Ale Amber Ale 5.5%
Jekyll Brewing Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA 6.7%
Jekyll Brewing Big Creek Kolsh 5.0%
Jekyll Brewing Smoked Ported Porter 5.8%
Jekyll Brewing Southern Session Blond Ale 4.8%
Monday Night Blind Pirate Double IPA 8.2%
Monday Night Nerd Alert Pseudo Pilsner 5.0%
Monday Night Eye Patch IPA American IPA 6.2%
Monday Night Fu Man Brew Belgian-style Wit 5.2%
Monday Night Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale 6.2%
Red Hare Long Day Lager Bohemian Style Lager 5.0%
Red Hare Gangway IPA American Style IPA 6.2%
Red Hare Watership Brown American Brown Ale 7.2%
Red Hare Cottontail Pale Ale 5.5%
Red Hare Wabbit Wheat Wheat 5.6%
Reformation Atlas American Style IPA 6.8%
Reformation Cadence Dubbel 6.9%
Reformation Stark Porter 6.0%
Yes Face Brass Monkey English Brown Ale 4.0%

American Craft & Macro Breweries
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Aviator Hog Wild  IPA 6.7%
Best Damn Root Beer  Hard Root Beer 5.5%
Best Damn Cherry Cola Hard Cola 5.5%
Blue Point Toasted Lager  Lager 5.5%
Blue Point White IPA White IPA 6.1%
Breckenridge Ophelia Hoppy Wheat 6.0%
Breckenridge Avalanche Amber Ale 4.4%
Goose Island 4 Star Pils Pilsner 5.1%
Goose Island 312 Wheat Belgian Wheat Ale 4.2%
Goose Island IPA IPA 5.9%
Goose Island Summer Ale Session Ale 5.0%
Kona Black Sand Porter 6.2%
Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale 6.0%
Landshark Landshark Lager 5.0%
Lone Rider Peacemaker Pale Ale 5.7%
Lone Rider Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen 5.8%
Lone Rider Deadeye Jack  American Porter  6.0%
New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale 5.2%
New Belgium Citradellic Tangerine IPA 6.0%
New Belgium Hop Stout Stout 8.0%
New Belgium Side Trip Belgian Style Pale Ale 5.0%
Red Hook  ESB Amber  5.8%
Red Hook  Blackhook Porter 5.2%
Shock Top Apple Belgian Wit 4.0%
Shock Top White Belgian Wit 5.0%
Southern Tier Zero Mile Hoppy Wheat 8.2%
Southern Tier One Buffalo American Blonde Ale 4.8%
Ciders and Gluten Free
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Bull Dog Cider  Peach Cider 5.0%
Bull Dog Cider Original Cider 5.0%
Mckenzies Original Cider 6.0%
Mckenzies Black Cherry Cider 6.0%
Mckenzies Green Apple Cider 6.0%
Mckenzies Lemon Cider 6.0%
Omission Lager Gluten Free Lager 4.6%
Omission Pale Ale Gluten Free Pale Ale 5.8%
Omission IPA Gluten Free IPA 6.7%
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Spaten Lager German Lager 5.2%
Franziskaner Weiss Weissen 5.2%
Brand Type
St. George Cabernet
St. George Chardonnay
St. George Merlot